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How we broadcast FlashBrighton meetings

I’ve just written a post for Influxis explaining how we used their TVStation app, to broadcast Branden Hall’s remote Hype presentation last week. Streaming a remote presentation with TVStation

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FFK Cologne – last few tickets left!

I’ve just been told that there are only around 30 tickets left now for FFK in Cologne in three weeks time! It’s the conference from Marc and Sacha who also run the Flashforum; a user group with over 100,000 members! … There’s more

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New York City training course announced

In association with Flash and the City, I’ll be running my new Flash games programming workshop in New York on the 13th May. I first ran this course in Brighton last month and it went really well with over 97% … There’s more

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Branden Hall on Hype at FlashBrighton

I’m really pleased to say that we have Branden Hall speaking at FlashBrighton tomorrow night (March 23rd 2010) about Hype. Hype is Branden and Joshua Davis‘ love child (now there’s a scary thought!) and I’m really excited about it. Josh … There’s more

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Mind your semi-colons!

(previously titled : Flash Player bug? for loops) [UPDATE] Kudos and much thanks to Tim Knip who pointed out that it was in fact my mistake – there’s a stray semi-colon at the end of the line : for … There’s more

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ActionScript SoundDataEvent.position

… is measured in samples. Not bytes or mils. So if you want to know how it relates to the ByteArray you’re working with, you need to multiply it by 4 (as each floating point sample requires 4 bytes). And … There’s more

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ActionScript SoundChannel.position

… is measured in milliseconds. Why do I mention this? Because it seems to have been entirely omitted from the ActionScript live docs and it took me a while to figure it out. Maybe this post will save someone some … There’s more

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HTML5 Canvas 3D particles

Yesterday I met Renaun Erickson from Adobe, who told me that he took my basic 3D engine, compiled it with the Flash CS5 beta into an iPhone app, and demoed it the very next day at the 360 Flex conference … There’s more

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3D engine in 10 lines*

UPDATE – HTML 5 Canvas version now online During my session at the Flash Gaming Summit, I showed a very simple 3D particle renderer to attempt to demystify the process of converting 3D into 2D. Click and drag. The actual … There’s more

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Learning to love learning

I’ve just published a blog post on the FITC blog where I explain what inspires me and how to learn to love the constant demand of changing technology.

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