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Lightning projects take home TWO awards!

After 5 years of working with lasers, it seems that I have now been accepted by the wider laserist community! The International Laser Display Association (ILDA) have honoured me in their awards ceremony in Montreal, as part of their annual … There’s more

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Margate Games residency kicks off

2014 is off to a great start and my first project is an artist’s residency in Margate in the run up to the Geek Festival. I’ll be working on it over the coming weeks and writing up my progress on … There’s more

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Yes! I have a podcast!

I’m always astonished how many people I know don’t realise that I have a podcast. So to address this, and also to celebrate our new half-hour weekly format, I thought I’d post about it! In the last 4 weeks we’ve … There’s more

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Goodbye Plug-in, and good luck!

Around 10 years ago I set up a company. It didn’t seem like a big deal. In fact, it was merely a tax entity for my freelance career. I had this idea that I could sell a customisable web site … There’s more

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Live iPhone coding video now online

I posted about this a while ago, but it’s taken Aral a little while to get the videos together. So here it is : me coding a kind of Angry Birds type thing in Corona live at the Update conference. … There’s more

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My review of the year in .net magazine

It’s been quite a year, so I was really pleased that .net magazine gave me the chance to talk about everything that’s happened in the world of Flash and CreativeJS, my other projects like PixelPhones, and my plan to teach … There’s more

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Flashageddon – the aftermath

If you’re wondering about my thoughts on the recent turbulence at Adobe, you could do worse than check out the Creative Coding Podcast, where myself, Iain Lobb and Stacey Mulcahy try to make sense of the current situation. As always … There’s more

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Happy 5th birthday, blog

It’s been 5 years to the very day since my very first post, and I must admit, it seems like a very long time ago. Now I want to hear from you – my dear readers. But first, please indulge … There’s more

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FOTB recap and live podcast

Mark Burvill‘s final message to FOTB (made with his new found skills from my CreativeJS workshop) FOTB was awesome this year, and it looks like this will be the last, at least in this guise. I’m sure that John will … There’s more

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Angry Birds in 30 minutes at Update 2011

The angry exorcist and ghost graphics by Jonathan Clapham Yesterday was Aral Balkan‘s Update conference as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a conference where organiser sings a song to open the event! … There’s more

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