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Learning to love learning

I’ve just published a blog post on the FITC blog where I explain what inspires me and how to learn to love the constant demand of changing technology.


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Thank you so much for putting words to these ideas. Point number one cannot be stated enough. I love what I do when I’m learning/playing.

It seems to me that hope is the bedrock of most human endeavors. It can be really depressing to repeat oneself because the world gets smaller and there’s less space or range to hope for things to change for the better. If you crack open some new technology or learn some new concepts, suddenly there’s a renewed possibility you’ll find the happiness/satisfaction you’ve been looking for in the newly colonized territory.

With that said, I haven’t had a good opportunity to play since November; since it wasn’t coming easily, I just let it drop. This article was a good kick in the butt.

– James

Damn right, we should really never stop learning but many people don’t get it. Take for example the debate about HTML5 vs. Flash. I think it’s mainly driven by the fear to have to learn something new.

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