New York City training course announced


In association with Flash and the City, I’ll be running my new Flash games programming workshop in New York on the 13th May. I first ran this course in Brighton last month and it went really well with over 97% approval rating.

Whether you’re an beginner or advanced coder you’ll get something out of the course. We walk through the anatomy of several arcade games with all source code and game engines provided. We’ll also be covering simple physics and collision detection beyond hitTest!

There are only a handful of super-early bird tickets left and I expect to sell out so I wouldn’t hang around if you want a place!

And I really look forward to seeing you in New York!

This workshop will also be available in :
Cologne for FFK in April (also a PV3D workshop)
New York City sponsored by Flash and the City in May
Minneapolis for FlashBelt in June

UK and Norway dates coming soon.

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Hi Seb – do you have a more detailed outline available of what’s covered in this course?

Hi Ricardo,

It’ll run something like this :

Session 1
Introduction and set up
The simplest game ever : shooting gallery
Simple animation and collision detection
Space Invaders

Session 2
– simple physics
– Trigonometry
– hitTestPoint to get accurate collisions
Simple game framework
Managing external assets and preloaders


Session 3
Platform game engine
– AABB collisions
– designing the levels
Lunar Lander

Session 4
Top down racer
– using bitmaps to define your race track
– improving the feel of driving
3D Soccer game

Subject to usual disclaimers etc etc 🙂

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