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CreativeJS experiments

My Creative JS and HTML5 training is going great – the last session in Brighton worked well, and having reorganised I think I’ve found a good mix of maths and play. I left an hour or two at the end … There’s more

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Going hifi for CreativeCodingPodcast part 2

We’re back for episode two! This time hacking our way through the mobile jungle, figuring out exactly what the hell is going on. Along the way we talk about Windows Phone 7, the new Android Honeycomb flagship, the Xoom, and … There’s more

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CreativeJS in Brighton, Amsterdam, SxSW Texas and Manchester

[UPDATE] Latest training information here My schedule seems to be filling up over the next few weeks! Firstly there’s another Brighton training workshop : a full 2 days of creative JavaScript training! (One space left!) Shortly after I’m flying out … There’s more

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HTML5 Canvas 3D particles uniform distribution

Yesterday Paul Rouget from Mozilla asked how to uniformly arrange points within a circle. There are a few existing algorithms to do this, but I was interested in seeing if I could use simple physics to create a stable system … There’s more

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HTML5 canvas sprite optimisation

If we’re serious about making HTML games then we need to know the most efficient ways to render multiple sprites. Many are saying that Canvas isn’t fast enough for gaming and we should use DOM objects instead. But before we … There’s more

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