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My Creative JS and HTML5 training is going great – the last session in Brighton worked well, and having reorganised I think I’ve found a good mix of maths and play.

I left an hour or two at the end of the course for the attendees to experiment and consolidate the things they’d learned over the two days, and they all built brilliant stuff! I was really impressed with their creativity and resourcefulness.

Paul King augmented his pre-existing Doom-style ray caster using an easing algorithm to smooth out the camera movement, Rob Hawkes built a lat-long marker on a WebGL rendered Earth, and Carlos Ulloa worked out how to load his racing car model into three.js. Here’s a compilation of some of the best bits :

The course was run on a Thursday and Friday, and I’m really glad it was – the group continued to work on their experiments over the weekend and we all followed along on the #creativejs twitter hashtag.

Needless to say I’ll be doing this again! I’m currently planning sessions in San Francisco, New York City, and Kansas City, and back in Brighton during the summer. Give me your email address and I’ll let you know when they’re announced.

I’m also doing mini versions at FITC Amsterdam (use discount code sebleedelisle for €75 euros off!), Technique Digital Retreat in Manchester.

And then of course there’s the extra special version I’m doing at SxSW – it’s my first time there so be gentle 🙂

If you were on my course, why not add links to your work in the comments? Thanks!

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Thanks for the course. It was great 🙂

Ive been playing around with the simplest examples on the course and I made this: Simple Bouncing balls. Its no where near as advanced as a lot of the creative js work, but im getting my head around it all bit by bit!

Next up is some experiments with lines

It was a great course, I learned loads and haven’t been able to stop playing with canvas since I’ve been back!

I’ve been playing around with making a couple of games, I’ll post some links to them when they’re a bit better. I’ve also started thinking about how I can start applying my refreshed knowledge of vectors and 3D transforms to some projects at work which is quite exciting – again, I’ll post a link when there’s something to show-off 🙂

I can’t recommend the course enough, as well as learning loads, it was also great fun, and there was a great atmosphere. I’m also loving the fact that almost a week after the course, the #creativejs hashtag is still very active and we’re all posting our examples and helping each-other out.

Thanks for a great couple of days!

Hi Seb I’m hoping you will be able to put together another 2 day course in brighton this year as cant get to your USA classes – Does this sound possible?

many thanks!

john Leigh London , UK

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