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Going hifi for CreativeCodingPodcast part 2

Creative Coding Podcast Masthead

We’re back for episode two! This time hacking our way through the mobile jungle, figuring out exactly what the hell is going on. Along the way we talk about Windows Phone 7, the new Android Honeycomb flagship, the Xoom, and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

And this time I’m using my professional recording equipment (as opposed to my iPhone mic 🙂 ) and Val Head has even kindly designed our new masthead.

So if you’re bored on the commute home, or are headed to the gym, why not load up your iPod? More information about subscribing and download links on the Creative Coding Podcast website.

If you’re tweeting, use the hashtag #creativecoding – ta!

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Quality podcast! Finally a useful, interesting podcast about creative web content!
Keep them coming!

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