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Creative HTML5 visual effects

I’ve left it rather late but of course I need to play the game! And it’s the last week for voting so if you’d like to see my session at SXSW please vote for me! [voting now closed] I’ve never … There’s more

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Kittens. On a conveyorbelt. On an iPhone.

As part of my ongoing research into many different technologies, I’ve finished my very first iPhone app, written in Objective C, The Kitten Conveyorbelt! Kitten Conveyorbelt As with any personal project I tried to keep the scope down to something … There’s more

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San Francisco here I come

After a short stint back in my home town of Brighton, the seb_ly world tour continues! I’ll be in San Francisco for FITC and I’m really gonna have a hectic time! Here’s what I’ll be up to : Monday : … There’s more

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How to debug AIR for Android

At first, it seemed like no matter what I did I’d just get the Enter IP Address or Hostname requester in my AIR app. So, to get rid of this dreaded requester once and for all follow my handy debugging … There’s more

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iPhone AppStore submission gotchas

I’ve just had a couple of issues submitting my new iPhone app to the AppStore. I have to say, it’s quite a convoluted process. In xCode’s organiser window you have a couple of very handy big buttons to validate and … There’s more

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