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Creative HTML5 visual effects

HTML5 Starfield

I’ve left it rather late but of course I need to play the game! And it’s the last week for voting so if you’d like to see my session at SXSW please vote for me! [voting now closed] I’ve never made it to SXSW before so it’d be great to have the chance to attend.

I think that the open web community has a lot to learn from the creative programming techniques we’ve all been working with in Flash for years, and it’s amazing how easy it is to transfer your knowledge.

So help me to show them how to Flash the open web, and who knows, I may just see you in Texas. 🙂

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Hey Seb, since I saw this full screen demo’s in HTML5 nicely accelerated by Firefox 4b I started to wonder about flash now, are they ever going to make flash player fully accelerated by a graphic card’s GPU? did you hear anything about it maybe?

There is nothing impossible on computer so it is probably a matter of time now as this is and was always a future of internet browsing, to see everything nicely animated in full screen mode with decent framerate and since we all seen what can be done in modern games I can see no reason why wouldn’t they put it in to the flash as well.

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