What the Flux!? The future of Flash at FOTB

What the flux?

I’ve been working hard on my upcoming talk at Flash on the Beach over the last few weeks, it’s actually one of the most difficult talks I’ve ever given. Trying to unravel all the trials and tribulations in our industry to come up with a some reasonable and helpful conclusions is surprisingly difficult!

As you may know, I’ve been learning and learning and learning. Unity3D, HTML5, JavaScript, iOS, and on the Flash side, AIR Android, multi-user technology, mic input and more.

This is because I love learning, but as a side effect, it really helps me to appreciate the benefits and disadvantages of one platform over another. This has been invaluable when it comes to understanding where Flash fits into the technology landscape.

In the Flash community we have a tendency to be insular, especially when our beloved technology gets such a bad rap in the press. But why is that? In order to find out what Flash looks like from the outside, I interviewed (on camera) 3 open web experts, Andy Budd, Jeremy Keith and Remy Sharp. If you’ve even got half an eye on the web community at large you may have heard of these people!

Andy Budd, Jeremy Keith and Remy Sharp

They were extremely honest and frank on their thoughts on Flash and its relevance in today’s web. Trust me, you need to hear what they’re saying.

Branden Hall, Brendan Dawes, and Jer Thorp

But it wouldn’t be very balanced research unless I spoke to respected members of the Flash community. I also interviewed Jer Thorp, Brendan Dawes and Branden Hall about the changes in Flash over the last few years, and how the emerging new tech has affected their work.

But that’s not all! I want to hear what you think too! Please fill in my questionnaire if you want your own opinions to be added to the mix. [UPDATE : Survey now closed with over 300 respondents – thank you!]

I’ll be presenting these video interviews, alongside some key web articles and tweets, and adding a sprinkling of my own thoughts at my Flash on the Beach session. It’s certainly been an eye-opening year for me, and I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I have.

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have you release the interviews somewhere yet ? So that the pepole that couldnt make it to the other side of the world ( i am located in Australia ) for the conference get an insight as to where the flash platform is heading ?

Hi Brett, I will do, although I’m not entirely sure in what form right now. I’m thinking of cutting it together in some sort of video version of my presentation. Or I may just release the interviews unedited. Either way, watch this space 🙂

Thanks for the excellent session in Flash on the Beach. I’m really waiting for if you’d publish your slides and interviews one day? Your and Lee Brimelow’s sessions were really useful (and fun). Got some clarification for my own thoughts too. There really has been some ‘buzzing’ around this year… 😉

hi Seb

I notice in the above “Related posts” links one for “FOTB Flash 3D source files”
This is a resource I had been hoping to have a play with for some time. Are the files lurking about somewhere still perhaps?

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