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iPhone AppStore submission gotchas

I’ve just had a couple of issues submitting my new iPhone app to the AppStore. I have to say, it’s quite a convoluted process. In xCode’s organiser window you have a couple of very handy big buttons to validate and submit the app, which sounds perfect!

Except that these buttons do absolutely nothing, and give you no feedback to tell you that they’ve done nothing unless you’ve already set up the app in iTunesConnect. I’ve also heard that Validate Application also does nothing if your app is in fact valid. Is that true? No confirmation message? I found more information here on the .net Developers’ Journal.

So I set up the app on iTunes connect but I got the app ID wrong (ly.seb.myappname rather than ly.seb.MyAppName – capitals count apparently!). So I thought it’d be easier to delete the app from iTunes connect and start over than it would be to rename the app ID in xCode.

Big mistake.

Although I’ve deleted the app it won’t let me re-submit as it says there’s already an app with the same name. The one that I’ve deleted. So it’s not really deleted, it’s kinda there in the ether somewhere.

Which means that I can re-upload my app unless I change the name. Which I don’t really want to do!

Needless to say I’ve emailed support to let them know and hopefully they’ll help me fix it. But I thought I’d post this up so you can avoid this in future.

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