Top Cat music game on FlashPlayer on Nexus1

I hate to say it but not many Plug-in Media projects are optimised for low end machines. We usually squeeze every bit of performance out of Flash to fill every part of the screen with crazy 3D, pixels and video!

But! We found one that works really well! And it works well for two reasons :

  1. It doesn’t stretch the processor (unlike our Papervision3D projects like Big and Small and Zingzillas)
  2. All of its interactions are via the mouse (unlike our games that are usually controlled with the cursor keys).

I reckon we could probably even squeeze a bit more speed out of it with judicious use of cacheAsBitmap, but as it is, entirely made with vectors, it runs pretty well!

Play Top Cat Alley Band for yourself.

The Plug-in team members on this project : Creative direction by Dom Minns, programming by Paul Hayes and Nicola Birtwistle, art by Richard Butler, music by Dom and his friends, produced by Ben Simpson.

2 replies on “Top Cat music game on FlashPlayer on Nexus1”

That game is brilliant! I had low expections for it seeming as it was for a well known cartoon but in the end I spent ages on it! Gotta love jazz…

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