Papervision3D wormhole in your webcam!

Papervision3D wormhole in your webcam

Papervision3D wormhole in your webcam

I must admit, I never really saw the point of augmented reality. It just seemed like a gimmick. But now I’ve been playing with it a little I’m hooked! And now I know it’s just a gimmick. But it’s such a pleasing gimmick I can’t seem to resist it!

You may have seen my presentation in December with my early experiments, it was nothing much but I made some snow and a little Christmas tree. Although to be honest I got the best round of applause for admitting that all I’d really done was compile the library 🙂

Since then I’ve been thinking about the possibilities even more, and I have to admit to being utterly blown away by the Japanese coder Saqoosha‘s Happy New Year video, and it got me thinking about ways to take the image from the webcam and actually map that back onto 3D shapes, so it looks like we’re twisting and distorting reality!

It’s a very early demo, and it needs a lot more refinement. I’d like to add some more shading and particles, and have objects getting sucked in.

I’ll be covering augmented reality and working with the FLARToolkit in my upcoming Papervision3D training course. (Get in quick if you want the early bird discount!)

Here’s the video :
Papervision3D augmented reality wormhole from Plug-in Media on Vimeo.

And here’s the presentation from before Christmas :

Festive £5 app: Seb and his magic particles from ribot on Vimeo.

Papervision training course

Papervision training with Seb Lee-Delisle
Papervision training with Seb Lee-Delisle

We’ve just announced my 2-day Papervision training course for early in March, and for this week only you can get it for the early bird price of £275.

Two full days of training will give you everything you need to know from setting things up, all the way through to importing models, interactivity, and even augmented reality!

Also, we’ve got a brand new one day follow on course all about 3D modelling in Maya, especially geared towards Flash developers who want more control of their 3D content.


The training will be held in a gorgeous venue here in Brighton called Lighthouse. It’s only 35 minutes from Gatwick airport and 55 minutes from London itself. Brighton is well known for its digital community so it’ll be the perfect opportunity to check out the local groups, including FlashBrighton (who are meeting that Tuesday night).

I very much look forward to welcoming you here in March. 🙂

Oh! And I nearly forgot to mention, John Lindquist is running a course at exactly the same time at roughly the same price in Chicago! More info on John’s blog.

Review of 2008 – in pictures

Phlash5 in Amsterdam

I must admit to having the mid-winter blues a little right now. And for no real reason! So what better time to remind myself of all the good work I did last year? 🙂

2008 started with an incredible development in my life – I was invited to join the Papervision team. I was thrilled and scared, but slowly, throughout the year, I’ve got to know the code library and the other team members much better. Hell I even feel like I can really use this thing now! 😉

Computer Arts particle article part 1

In February I had my first article published in Computer Arts magazine, followed by my first conference of that year, FITC in Amsterdam, with possibly the last ever gig with Flash rockstars Phlash5 (which was also my birthday IIRC!).

Phlash5 in Amsterdam

In March my LED particle experiments with the Arduino caused a little spike in my web stats with over 6000 views on my youtube video.

April brought 2 transatlantic trips, the first to visit (Major League Baseball) as we continue work on a Papervision 3D visualisation for their website. While I was there we also saw a Yankees game and I visited my friends at FlashCodersNY. And then I got a last minute call from Shawn Pucknell and before I knew it I was on a plane to Toronto for FITC in April where I was interviewed by a muppet. Literally.

The MLB project was delivered in June after three solid months of work (including a new line material for PV3D which still works despite my caveat) and the project was delivered. It was a perfect project – a challenge but not too impossible, and MLB were an absolute joy to work with. 3D visualisation in Papervision3D

June also brought one of my favourite conferences, FlashBelt in Minneapolis, run by the ever genial host, Dave Schroeder. I presented two sessions at FlashBelt, the first was a brand new Papervision session, and the second was a wave goodbye to the ever popular particle presentation, which I vowed would be the last time. The piano karaoke was a particular highlight.

In July I flew to Cologne to teach two days of Papervision. While I was there I also visited Andre Michel and Joa Ebert at Hobnox. And later that month we were nominated for two FlashForward rubber arrows, for MLB and (my pet project) the digital interactive firework display, Pyrotechnics to the People.


Part two of the particle tutorial for Computer Arts came out in August.

Particle tutorial part 2 for Computer Arts

For the rest of the year, my work at Plug-in Media was dominated by our flagship project for the BBC, Big and Small, but I’ll be telling you more about that once the final phase has been delivered.

In fact, my company Plug-in Media has been growing and growing throughout the year; at the end of 2008 we had a team of 12 working on Big and Small! And there were many projects I was hardly involved in! Including several for Philips and the Museum of London, so I guess my company must really be expanding!

With September came a brief foray into the dark side for Microsoft’s ReMix in Brighton followed by the annual influx of international Flash superstars into my home town for Flash on the Beach.

Seb Lee-Delisle at Flash on the Beach 2008

Later in September, I started work as Technical reviewer on Keith Peters‘ new book, AdvancED Actionscript Animation. Which was a joy to work on.

Proof that Seb ran his first 10k race from ribot on Vimeo. [sorry, video no longer available]

Things didn’t let up in October as I worked towards a 10K run for Cancer Research. Thanks to you guys I raised over £750! And I so enjoyed it I’m running a half marathon next February. Later in October came the final conference of the year with Aral’s head, truly breaking boundaries in the virtual conference field. And I got to see the Magic Circle in London. Which was nice 🙂

The Flash crew at head 2008

November brought some local excitement with the DIMA:S digital media awards in Brighton where the Plug-in scientists brought a newly refined glow-stick voting system to judge the animation category.

Glowstick voting at the DIMA:s

And it was an especially exciting night for me – the local user group that I run, FlashBrighton, won the strongest community award. In fact, FlashBrighton has just been going from strength to strength this year, with some amazing projects, AS3 robots, genetic algorithms, and many, many others! With weekly meetings, there really is much too much to talk about here! However, in December, we really outdid ourselves with our BigScreenBonanza, the biggest free geek event ever in Brighton with a 200 seat capacity and cinema style venue.

Seb and Sarah at the FlashBrighton BigScreenBonanza, courtesy of Yezzer

In fact, there really was no let up in December, I built a particle based sparkly Christmas card for the BBC and put together a Christmassy Flash augmented reality demo for local geek group £5app which utilised my Papervision snow.

Seb augmenting reality

In fact I meant to write up that demo, but seeing as it’s here on vimeo, perhaps I don’t need to?

Festive £5 app: Seb and his magic particles from ribot on Vimeo.

And considering everything that I’ve done in 2008, it’s not really surprising that I felt fairly exhausted over Christmas. It’s great to recount all the things I’ve achieved and the cool projects I’ve been involved in. In these cold winter months I’m lacking motivation, and it’s easy to just focus on the things that I wanted to do but didn’t quite get to. But at the same time I think perhaps this year I need to concentrate on my personal life a little more – I am getting married in March after all!

But with so many things I want to learn – iPhone development, Unity3D, not to mention the ongoing work with Papervision, I suspect I’m just going to have to get used to being busy… 🙂

10% off FITC Amsterdam

The final line-up has been announced for FITC Amsterdam, and although it’s quite a small conference, the line-up is looking very good! I’ve been sent the schedule and it’s actually really hard to pick with session to go to!

I’m actually flying out on the evening of the 22nd of February so I’ll miss all the workshops. But that can’t be helped – I’m running the Brighton half marathon that day!

If you want a cheeky 10% discount, just use the code pluginmedia.