Papervision3D wormhole in your webcam!

Papervision3D wormhole in your webcam

I must admit, I never really saw the point of augmented reality. It just seemed like a gimmick. But now I’ve been playing with it a little I’m hooked! And now I know it’s just a gimmick. But it’s such a pleasing gimmick I can’t seem to resist it!

You may have seen my presentation in December with my early experiments, it was nothing much but I made some snow and a little Christmas tree. Although to be honest I got the best round of applause for admitting that all I’d really done was compile the library 🙂

Since then I’ve been thinking about the possibilities even more, and I have to admit to being utterly blown away by the Japanese coder Saqoosha’s Happy New Year video, and it got me thinking about ways to take the image from the webcam and actually map that back onto 3D shapes, so it looks like we’re twisting and distorting reality!

It’s a very early demo, and it needs a lot more refinement. I’d like to add some more shading and particles, and have objects getting sucked in.

I’ll be covering augmented reality and working with the FLARToolkit in my upcoming Papervision3D training course. (Get in quick if you want the early bird discount!)

Here’s the video :

Papervision3D augmented reality wormhole from Plug-in Media on Vimeo.

And here’s the presentation from before Christmas :

Festive ÂŁ5 app: Seb and his magic particles from ribot on Vimeo.

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Nice one, I have to admit I was quite amazed by the Happy new year video myself and yours is just as good. The point is not just making augmented reality but it’s more about the idea behind it and wormhole works well 😉

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Excelent work!
That wormhole is fantastic.
Personaly, I can’t even get my dea models in to Flartoolkit 🙁

And yeah, AR is a gimick when done on webcams+PCs.
The real practical stuff is mobile AR on phones and HUD’s. Stuff like Wikitude only scratchs the surface of whats possible.

Hey, the video on vimeo says “no longer available” — can you check and see if it should in fact still be available? I’m checking from overseas so perhaps vimeo is blocking Indian IPs?

Hey Seb!

Quick question: How are you setting the threshold automatically?

The default is something like:
if (this._detector.detectMarkerLite(this._raster, 120) && this._detector.getConfidence() > 0.3) …

So do you change the 120 value to something else dynamically, until it finds the pattern?

Just wanted to see what you went with 🙂

Gotta be the coolest thing I’ve seen with flAR so far. It is a gimmick, but so cool! I have to take some time to fiddle with it, maybe make something fun.

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Hi Seb,

Great project. Was just wondering if there was a video in your tutorial on documenting the process and code you applied to achieved the wormhole result?

I’m a non-coder looking to achieve something like this, and have yet to be successful!

Thanks, Desiree

Thanks Desiree, I honestly can’t remember – I think I talk about it in the Lynda course, but I certainly wouldn’t go into too much detail. It’s certainly quite complicated!

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