Papervision3D training – early bird price ends on Monday!

So get in quick!

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Hi Seb,

I will come to this training course directly from Portugal, i´m a Flash/Flex developper and a certified instructor by Adobe, and i want to really enter in the papervision world, can´t wait to know you in real, lol

by the way, to go from gatewick to brighton , wich is the best way? any suggestion to accomodations to?

see you there,



Hi Joao,

sounds great! Looking forward to seeing you! It’s really easy from Gatwick, just get on a train to Brighton, it only takes about half an hour. In terms of accommodation, there are loads of hotels, the nearest being myHotel // – the same one that Flash on the Beach uses. But there are plenty more to suit a wide variety of budgets and taste!



Hi Seb,

Can you please upload the last two example classes we did on Tuesday? That’s the bit where we added an interactive movie clip component as a Material.

I can’t remember all the steps, am stuck now 🙂
Thanks Nicole

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