Training workshops with Seb Lee-Delisle

  • “ I had the pleasure of attending [Seb’s workshop] and even as someone who classes themselves as an expert JavaScripter (I hope!), I still learnt tons.”

    Remy Sharp

  • “ Seb’s workshop was a delight… it is a must-attend: you’ll need these skills as a developer, but also you learn that it’s not nearly as hard as it looks.”

    Paul Irish

  • “I’d always had bit of a mental block about JavaScript, but that’s well and truly gone after Seb’s course. And it was great fun too.”

    Bruce Lawson, Author “Introducing HTML5

  • “Seb’s course is not only a great JS workshop for beginners, intermediates and experts, but it’s also a brilliant general workshop on interaction itself. I can’t recommend it enough.”

    Joel Gethin Lewis

  • “Seb is an expert at explaining something complex in an entertaining and easy to understand way. The workshop was heaps of fun and I learnt how to make lots of cool stuff!”

    Anna Debenham

  • “Seb helped me to realise that you could create beautiful things in JavaScript, which led us on the path to making WebGL Racer and Lights.”

    Carlos Ulloa

  • “Seb’s CreativeJS workshops are a great reminder and refresher that programming can be playful… After the course, I found myself approaching issues more creatively and found more beautiful solutions.”

    Christian Heilmann, Microsoft

  • “You’d expect something a little special from a JavaScript workshop run by a BAFTA-winning game developer. What you might not expect is how accessible and fun Seb makes it all. A truly unique class.”

    Aral Balkan

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