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As part of my ongoing crazy travel schedule, I’m going to be in Denmark in two weeks, and then off to Minneapolis for the brilliant Eyeo Festival. After that, I’ll be in New York for the Reasons Festival so I decided to spend the rest of June in the city.

And I’ve also decided to run a CreativeJS workshop while I’m there! It’ll be a 2 day course from 21-22nd June, prices from $999 ($699 for freelancers) Tickets on sale from Wednesday 23rd at 11am East Coast Time – they tend to sell out very quickly, so if you’d like early access, leave your email address.

Full details on my training page.

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While in New York, how bout coming up to Toronto for a few days?! πŸ˜‰

I love TO but I don’t have time to organise a workshop there this time, sadly! Do you know any companies that might like to get me in for some bespoke training?

I’d love my company to, but sadly we don’t do enough creative js to justify it πŸ™ Maybe someone else from TO will read this and get their company to host you πŸ˜‰ fingers crossed!!

That’s cool – although I would argue that you don’t need to “do” CreativeJS to get something out of this course! It’s a great chance to play, experiment, and see coding in a new light.

But if I don’t get to TO, can you get to NYC? πŸ™‚

-” you don’t need to β€œdo” CreativeJS to get something out of this course! ”
I totally agree with you on that but convincing management is a different story.
NYC sounds like a good option!

haha yeah convincing management can be tricky, although I find that people on the course are struck with a new found love and motivation for coding. Hard to prove though!

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