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Angry Birds in 30 minutes at Update 2011

The angry exorcist and ghost graphics by Jonathan Clapham

Yesterday was Aral Balkan‘s Update conference as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a conference where organiser sings a song to open the event! (with a full live band I should add!)

It was a really fantastic and enjoyable conference with a great mixture of different presentations, panels and musical interludes. Although I found Aral’s musical number a little cringeworthy (sorry Aral!), I admire the guy – and why can’t he have a little fun at his own conference? 🙂

Anna Debenham kicking arse at Update, photo by Jeremy Keith

I presented a session about Corona; a mobile development platform for iOS and Android that is really good at making games and simple toys. In my session I built an Angry Birds clone – “The Irritable Exorcists” with graphics made by my nephew Jonathan.

I love Corona – like any simple accessible platform, it has limitations, but if it can do what you need, you can produce excellent results very very quickly indeed. It’s very good at moving bitmaps around (with GPU acceleration) and has Box2D built in, so it’s perfect for an Angry Birds type game.

UPDATE – video now online.

I know the session was recorded – I’m not sure what Aral will do with it. But you can download the code and assets here. You’ll also need the Corona SDK to try it for yourself.

It’s naturally pretty rough around the edges. Click and drag the exorcist back to play the game. Oh and you need to run it in the iPad simulator. (Select iPad from the drop down of devices when you open the folder).

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Hi Seb!
Thank you for the news and files. Wanted to attend but had no chance.
Is there anywhere video of your session recorded? I’ve found tttp:// But there is one video only.

Thanks, Andrew

[…] Lee-Desile (@seb_ly) gave a live coding presentation on creating an Angry Birds clone (The Irritable Exorcists) in thirty minutes using the Corono SDK […]

I’d love to see that video, too! I think it could be really helpful with what I’m trying to do.

Hi Seb,

Thank you so much for these… this will really give me a kick start on my personal quest of making mobile apps. I have no coding background but very excited to try this out… I got the corona sdk as you suggested and this video really makes it possible for people like me… Thanks again.

Brillant !! thank you very much !! you really help me !! I enjoyed your video a lot !! keep doing this !! I’m new in this , but thanks to guys like you You can lean very fast =) !!


Thanks for a very entertaining presentation and for making the code available…

I’m also really interested in knowing how the cat poking/stroking app works – have you blogged about that anywhere….?


Hi Seb
I just finished watching your tut it is really good while i am looking to the way of how coding in my game and now i can find some benefit from your video

keep going

Seb, I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while and finally got at chance. Well done…especially with a live audience! You make it look so easy and that’s inspiring. Thanks!


Hi Seb, I am currently trying out your method of parallax motion. I am currently stuck, I don’t know how since i only changed the images, and the sizing to match..

I enjoyed your video too by the way, thanks for that, it helped me a lot. I have only been learning Corona SDK for about 4 days now and have almost created a angry birds like game.

Thanks again, Amanda

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