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I am a Mozilla Person of HTML5!

Mozilla evangelist and rock star Chris Heilmann asked me some extremely intelligent questions, to which I hopefully provided some reasonably intelligent sounding answers. 🙂

We talked about many aspects of the open stack; where is it going? What’s the future of GPU graphics on the internet? And a few graphics related performance tips too.

See the full article : People of HTML5 – Seb Lee-Delisle

3 replies on “I am a Mozilla Person of HTML5!”

Hi all!

Just to say that the main reason i’m not disappointed to see html5 fail, is that no one really wants to see us return to the bad old days of “this website is best viewed with [insert browser here]”, least of all the developers that would have to spend precious hours wrestling with the cross-browser fiddling that most of us were happy to leave behind.

It might be difficult to accept, especially if you don’t work with business or organisations that use the web for important work, but not everyone wants to use Safari so they can view some experimental stuff that looks something from the 90s!

With all the hopefull and insistent evangelism in the world, that just isn’t going to happen, so maybe it’s time to move on? Take care and happy coding everyone!

Hi Jenny,

I think it’s a little early to declare HTML5 a failure! I’m seeing a lot of major players get behind it and it has so much momentum I can’t really see how it’ll “fail” at this point.



Seb Leeb-Delisle

You are correct that HTML5 will not fail. It is the future of the web.
I have one question about javascript. Why javascript 2.0 was band? is it dirty politics played by Apple and Micorsoft or any other else. I have seen javascript 2.0 draft which was clear and very managed and truly object oriented like java unlike now it is prototype based OOP.


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