We won a freaking BAFTA!


I’m still reeling from the shock of it to be honest. We’ve never won any industry awards so far, so for our first to be a BAFTA is pretty incredible. (For the non-Brits among you, I guess it’s our version of the Emmys) The ceremony was at the Hilton in Park Lane, and it was even filmed for posterity (and perhaps broadcast?). Our category was for Children’s interactive and we won it for Big and Small up against 3 other incredibly deserving projects. It was a great project to work on but bloody hard work so it’s just fantastic to get some recognition. There’s a full list of team members on this post from earlier in the year.

Here’s the video, our award is at 9 minutes in. And I’d like to thank my mum, my manager… 😉



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My 3 year old loves Big & Small on the cbeebies site, which I showed him after reading your blog. He basically taught himself basic computer skills because of it. So congratulations and thanks from him (in my book more valuable than some tacky award…)

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