Web Design TV from .net with… er… me!

Pretty embarrassing but what can you do? 🙂

Filmed at the official MAX hotel in downtown LA: The Westin Bonaventure, which is such a weird hotel but I really like it in a kitsch sort of way. I heard that the architect was a fan of the early 80s TV show Buck Rogers, which would explain all the concrete, chrome and glass elevators. Although I heard that it wasn’t great to stay there, mainly due to the fact that all the towers are circular, making vaguely triangular (and claustrophobic) rooms.

Either way, I couldn’t resist the strange gym equipment in the atrium in concrete “pods”. And Paul Wyatt decided it’d be a good location for an interview 🙂

I talk about Big and Small, future projects from Plug-in, the MAX experience and the EuroMaxInvasion.

And for the star wars fans, here’s me with the actual award winners, Thaniya and Andy from 🙂