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All set for FOTB Papervision3D session

All set for my Flash on the Beach session! Learn how to get started in Papervision3D! Set up a Papervision project in only 5 minutes! Add spheres, cubes, and other shapes! Load in models from Maya and 3D Studio! Interactivity! … There’s more

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Flash on the Beach Miami

Just as the Flash literati are descending on Brighton it turns out that John Davey (Mr Flash on the Beach) has bigger plans… As if it’s not enough to set up a massive conference here in Brighton (an unbelievable 1050 … There’s more

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Unexpected Flex build error

I just had a weird one I thought I’d share on here in case anyone else has it. Or in case I get it again for that matter. I kept getting the same error from Flex Builder : “An internal … There’s more

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Speaking at Microsoft Remix Brighton tomorrow!

Goodness. That’s come up quick. I’m speaking tomorrow straight after the keynote at Microsoft’s Remix conference here in Brighton. I’m actually really looking forward to presenting for an hour without mentioning the “F” word 😉 So I’ll be covering such … There’s more

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Flash CS4 details leaked

Apparently people “privy to private demonstrations of Creative Suite 4” have given their verdict over at AppleInsider. And they’re claiming it’s a “minor update”. Well I can’t talk about the other software, but Flash CS4 is a serious improvement from … There’s more

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Comments now re-enabled

OK so WP-SpamFree didn’t work out so well – it was blocking everyone’s comments. I thought it had got a little quiet around here! So I’ve disabled it. Comment away!

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Adobe MAX scrimps on speaker expenses… again

Just when we thought this particular battle was over, it seems that Adobe have slipped back into their old habits. I was approached by Adobe a few weeks ago to speak at MAX Milan, and, like Aral before me, I … There’s more

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First steps in Processing

Robert Hodgin and Jeremy Thorp both told me I should give Processing a go last time I saw them. And last week I had the perfect excuse – Jamie Matthews presented a great session last week at FlashBrighton on how … There’s more

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Flash on Tap now a possibility!

I’ve got good news, and bad news. The bad news first, Flash on Tap, the world’s first Flash and Beer festival has been postponed until May 28th – 30th. The good news : Flash on Tap, the world’s first Flash … There’s more

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Papervision3D training in Amsterdam

I’ll be putting together some more Papervision workshops in the UK at some point in the next six months, but if you can’t wait for that, Ralph’s just announced his latest workshop in Amsterdam for the 21st and 22nd October. … There’s more

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