All set for FOTB Papervision3D session

All set for my Flash on the Beach session! Learn how to get started in Papervision3D! Set up a Papervision project in only 5 minutes! Add spheres, cubes, and other shapes! Load in models from Maya and 3D Studio! Interactivity! Reflections! OH MY GOD HOW DO I FIT IT ALL INTO A SINGLE HOUR!

Ahem. Yes I need sleep. Download the files and join in the fun 🙂

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Thanks Seb, for demystifying and so clearly explaining Papervision3D – not to mention the cows…

Thanks for your presentation, it was not only very entertaining but I actually learned some stuff!

btw I was that one Tribal guy but from the Amsterdam office so I don’t know about that award.

Hey Seb, that was a great talk. I’ve been meaning to do some stuff with PV3D for some time, but just haven’t had the excuse.

What I found most interesting, though, was your company. I never realised after all this time, that you work for my rival firm. I worked for Complete Control, until recently when my wife lost her sight. I won’t ask if you’ve heard of them 😉

Hey Seb, thanks for two things – firstly for completely demystifying papervision and 3D in general and secondly for miraculously curing my hangover (or that could have been the darkened room, I’m not sure).

A great talk, truly inspiring. I won’t be lucky enough to make it to Miami, but I hope you’ll be in Brighton in 09 to show us some more cows. Cheers!!

Thanks guys! You really are too kind…

@Scott Janousek actually that’s not a bad idea!

@Gromit glad I could help. 3D cows are in fact a known cure for hangovers 🙂

@Lee McColl Sylvester love CCs work although I just see all the companies in our field as one happy family, not rivals 😉

@JW the award was truly deserved by Tribal who did the concept art and video. So I was just being flip 🙂

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