The FOTB08 carnival leaves town

And it is with a mixture of sadness, exhaustion, and joy to have been host to such a great many Flash friends from all over the world.

The conference was pretty damn amazing, and it was incredible to catch up with my great friends Mario, Ralph, Keith, Rob, Jeremy, Carlos, Chris and the many, MANY others! My session seemed to be very well-received, although I was actually quite nervous. The room was packed and they were stopping people coming in, so I guess I felt a bit more pressure than normal. And of course there was the 20 second code challenge, which didn’t help ๐Ÿ™‚

Peter Elst videoed the whole thing on his mobile phone! And it’s remarkably good quality. So here it is if you’re interested! Download the source files.

Seb Lee-Delisle – Papervision3D Simplified from Peter Elst on Vimeo.

There was one disappointing disagreement, but I’ll save that for a full blog post later (and no, not with Jonathan Harris – I actually missed his session so have no idea what the controversy was all about).

In the meantime, I’m going to Gozo for a week’s holiday with Jenny. So I’m going to be a bit quiet and I’ll see you next week!

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>Can it make someone gasp or cry?
No, but it made me laugh, so +1

>Does it feel as special as a love letter?
No, but it did feel special like a top 10 from Late night with David Letterman. +1

>Does it truly represent our time?
Flying 3d Cows in Space never go out of style. +1

>Will it be relevant in 25 years?
See above. +1

>Does it say something thatโ€™s never been said before?
Yes, you can have flying cows in space, and no one can stop you from doing it. +1

>Does it compare to the masterpieces of other mediums?
Iโ€™d rather watch flying cows in Space than stare at a painting by a guy that cut off his own ear. +1

>Could it have gone further?
No. Flying Cows as paddles in a 3D Ping Pong game? Ha ha ha. I think it went as far as it could go without getting โ€œtrulyโ€ insane. +1

real nice Seb – keep reppin the UK mate!
“…maybe i’ll get to touch it one day…” hahaha

As I said before Seb, I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture – it was very easy on my hangover and I actually felt as though I came away from it knowing something new. Please consider doing more lectures in the UK because I found it truly invaluable.

I’m dying to know what the disappointing disagreement was! I didn’t actually think that Jonathan Harris was that controversial, a little exaggerated maybe, but not really controversial – if anything, his opinion inspired me to be less mediocre in my every day work. So come on, spill the beans!

Thanks again for demystifying Papervision3D! I’m currently blatantly stealing large chunks (not that there are any large chunks – it’s that light on code) of your code from the source files and scouring the web for dae cows ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy your break in the sun!

[…] Seb Lee-Delisle โ€“ PaperVision 3D Simplified Seb did a great session with PV3D, totally living up to the title of talk. Even though I have used PV several times, I know for certain next time I will have a whole lot better understanding of the basics and the build will be a whole lot simpler. From PVโ€™s new BasicView class, to shaders, importing models, skyboxes, particle fields to interactivity, he covered a lot including techniques and methods I would have never thought of or known about. You can see his talk and grab source files from his blog here. […]

I’m with Stu – more UK lectures! And how about nice student discounts? I learnt a lot from your FOTB video, even though I’d tried these things before it doesn’t always sink in but your talk helped a great deal. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hi guys! Thanks for your comments…

@Scott thanks for the support although I’m sure I could never be accused of producing high art!

@slopester, looking forward to your visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Stu and @gordee watch this space – I’m looking at setting up some more UK workshops with massive student discounts.

@Robert glad I could help, holiday was fab, so sorry about the delay replying!

@Lawrie, you can thank Peter Elst for that!

@Joe, sorry I forgot to add them, hence the mild scrambling in my session! I’ll dig them out and add a link.

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