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Adobe MAX speaker expenses – still no joy

I just realised that I kinda left this thread hanging – the truth is I’m bored with this fight! (And the discrepancies with european prices too).

I tried but failed to figure out whether their “free gift” for speakers would be something I may actually want (thus making up for the flights), but apparently that would ruin the surprise! More likely they haven’t worked out what it’ll be yet.

But I’m unwilling to take the free gift gamble and politely declined. Sadly, I will not be speaking at MAX this time.

And even more controversially, it seems that Adobe are in fact paying for at least one speaker’s flights for MAX this year, despite what they insisted all along.

As Ted said, there are indeed a lot of good people at Adobe. But unfortunately, they’re not the ones making these false economies. So to whoever you are – covering speaker expenses will make MAX better. And then (for once) I would LOVE to be positive about it.

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