Unexpected Flex build error

I just had a weird one I thought I’d share on here in case anyone else has it. Or in case I get it again for that matter. I kept getting the same error from Flex Builder :

“An internal build error has occurred. Right-click for more information.”

After much searching and sulking I found the culprit. It was an swc file with a MovieClip in. It turns out that the animator had left a blank keyframe in there. And the blank keyframe had a motion tween on it. Get rid of the tween, and it all works fine.

I suppose I should submit it as a bug but I’m a bit busy right now… :-S

2 replies on “Unexpected Flex build error”

We too have come across this issue while working with combination of flash and flex. After using various techniques we found that this happened with swc’s from flash and few embedded movieclips.

1)With shape tweening involving alpha, shape tween involving gradients (not all)

2) Empty switch cases (known issue)

3) While using swc which is created from flash (publishing) which has same or different swc in the working folder.

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