Speaking at Microsoft Remix Brighton tomorrow!

Goodness. That’s come up quick. I’m speaking tomorrow straight after the keynote at Microsoft’s Remix conference here in Brighton.

Glow stick motion detection

I’m actually really looking forward to presenting for an hour without mentioning the “F” word 😉 So I’ll be covering such rivetting subjects as :

I feel like Flash started with design and moved into programming, and Silverlight and WPF started with programming and is moving into design. So in theory, we should meet head on in the middle. And have a party. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

But either way, it’ll be a lot of fun. And at the very least, you’ll get a free glowstick. 🙂

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Hey Seb,

Thanks for a great presentation at Silverlight on the Beach last week, errrr I mean ReMix 🙂 Was wondering if that incredible art piece with the circular dots moving around and intersecting with a line to create a beautifully simple piece set to music is available on the interwang anywhere. I’d love to show that round the studio if possible (along with lots of your work too of course).



Who produces/makes Glow stick voting? As we would like to get in touch and incorporate it into an up and coming Event.



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