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Margate Games : calibrating LazerArcade

Today was my first day on site in Margate and setting up the LazerArcade system at full size. I’ve had a tiring day trying to calibrate and I can’t seem to get it quite as accurate as it was at home. And the microphones pick up all the vibrations on the floor so I can only imagine what it’ll be like with thousands of people walking around!

I have some more things to try – I’ve panic ordered a large lighting truss from Amazon that’ll arrive tomorrow and I’ll be hanging the board from that with bungee cord to try to isolate it from the sound in the hall.

For a board this size I probably need more than 6 mics too, but tomorrow I’m going to try moving the mics closer together and see what happens. Check out the video below to see more.

This post first published on the Margate Games blog February 18th 2014

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Are you using piezos as microphones? Try putting a resistor across the terminals – the lower the value, the less sensitive you make the piezo input. 10M makes them really sensitive, 1K less sensitive than if there was no resistor at all. If you can afford to, you could always put a small trimmer pot on each (going up to a few hundred k if necessary) and that will allow you to “tune” each input to get the sensitivity right. But if you’re getting too much vibration, a resistor across the terminals will make it “duller” – so you really need to give it a whack to get it to register.

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