New CreativeJS workshops for Spring 2013

CreativeJS workshop

Having just moved house, I’m ramping up to full speed and getting together new workshops for Spring including a brand new CreativeJS course.

tl;dr : New CreativeJS games and non-coders courses for March and April go on sale next Tuesday 19th February

March 27-28 – CreativeJS Games, Brighton UK – more info
April 11-12 – CreativeJS for Designers, Brighton UK – more info

New CreativeJS Games training!


After years of making casual games for clients like Sony, the BBC and Nickelodeon, (one viral game has over 70 million plays so far), I’m really excited to bring this experience into a brand new CreativeJS games course.

We’ll be working through loads of example game code and we’ll be covering all the essentials like animation, collision detection, physics, and of course, how to make your game actually fun to play! There’ll be mobile specific things like touch controls, and optimising for devices, and we’ll even take a look at turning your 2D games into 3D.

It’ll be a really fun workshop and I can’t wait to share all the good stuff I’ve learned over the years.

March 27-28 – CreativeJS Games, Brighton UK
Tickets on sale next Tuesday, sign up for a reminder email on the training page.

CreativeJS for Designers

(Formerly known as CreativeJS for non-coders) This is the most fun way to learn all the core concepts of JavaScript. You don’t need any JavaScript or programming experience at all (although a little HTML and CSS will be helpful). All the examples are graphical effects and simple interactions so you get an immediate visual representation of the code you have just written.

April 11-12 – CreativeJS for Designers
Tickets on sale next Tuesday, sign up for a reminder email on the training page.