3D globe in JavaScript with three.js

3D globe in Javascript using three.js

In my last post I mentioned that it should be possible to make a 3D globe in JavaScript using three.js. I was even considering putting it together myself but I didn’t need to because the awesome Mr Doob stepped in to prove it!

Sadly I’m only seeing 1 frame per second right now in both Chrome and Safari – I’m not sure why? I’ll reboot in a moment and try again. But I’d be interested to know how it’s performing for you – apparently the Doobster is getting 28FPS (albeit on Linux/Ubuntu). Let me know.

Check out Mr Doob’s example here.

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I’m getting ~1 FPS in Firefox, ~30 FPS in Chrome on Ubuntu. I’m pretty sure that Chrome’s JavaScript engine isn’t 30x faster than Firefox’s, so I suspect something specific is slowing it down..

On my mac I’m using Chrome and am only seeing 1 frame per second. I took a look at the source code and it looks very similar to Papervision3D.

MacBook Pro 15″ i7 8 GB RAM:

Opera 10.6: 41 FPS but:
Globe only round about 300 pixels if mouse on outer left side and even smaller when mouse on the right side. And really horrible drawing errors (Parts of the globe won’t be deleted if the globe scales smaller.

Firefox 3.6.6 and Safari 5: 1 FPS.

I tested in firefox, chrome and safari, in all of then i’m getting 1FPS too (at best). I’m using an imac 2.66ghz 2gb ram

I am seeing 33fps in Chrome 6 and 12fps on FF 4
Xeon w3520 2.67GHz, XP SP3

Karl Knocking gets this:
iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM:
1fps on Safari, 1fps on FireFox

Windows 7, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM:
Chrome: 33fps!! FireFox:10fps


Safari 1fps

Mac Pro
Quad-Core Intel Xeon
2 processor of 2.8 GHz
Memory: 10 GB

Chrome: 14-25 FPS

Windows XP
Intel T7250 Core 2 Duo @ 2.00GHz
3 GB memory

Nice! 🙂

Turns out the reason why this runs so slow on MacOS is because Chrome is using Apple’s CoreGraphics instead of Skia (which they use in the Windows/Linux versions).

Of course, Safari also uses CoreGraphics, so it’s up to Apple to improve the performance (unless Google switches from CoreGraphics to Skia, which I suspect it’s unlikely).

great !!!

I have some problem about my pv3d project !!I need your help !
the main question is that how to remove lookAt() method ?
I call the method lookAt () and then I want to remove this method ‘s effect to its original state which I don’t call the lookAt ()

I put some planes on a sphere’s vertice ! and call plane.lookAt(sphere) so all planes will lookAt shpere !all planes will look like a sphere !! when I Tween all planes to form a big cube ! set the properly localRotation XYZ ! all planes
does’t look like a big cube !! when I remove plane.lookAt(shpere) this code ! all planes will look like a big cube!
so I want to use lookAt() method to form a shpere ! but I want to remove the method to form a big Cube !! but when I call lookAt () method ! I don’t kno w how to remove it for cube!! ! so how to remove lookAt () method when it has been called ! !I want to go back to its original state !

sorry for my poor English !! thx!!!!

My minefield 3.74apre is crushed, and minefield4 has 8 FPS.
Win7 dual-core T4400 2.2G, 3G ram and Geforece G102M

I’m getting 12 FPS on firefox 3.6.8 on Windows XP, I have a Core 2 Duo @ 2.80 GHz, 3.489 GB RAM

Smooth on desktop, but over 50%CPU !!! usage for only 1 simple badtextured-unshaded-low poly objet.

1fps on my google phone.
i have check the snow3D and this and i definetly don’t want to see more.


Firefox 11.0 – 18fps
Chrome 18 – 51fps
Opera – (55-63)fps
Windows 7,core i3 first generation

N/B.Firefox JS engine works faster with any LINUX system so you get better result that that of in windows..

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