USA Euro-invasion countdown begins

Post FOTB is usually a very sad time of year for me. Such a great group of friends from all around the world flock to Brighton for an amazing couple of weeks of fun. And when they leave, I can’t help but feel somewhat deflated.

But not this year! Because on Friday (tomorrow!) I’m starting my mini USA tour! And I’ll be seeing pretty much all of them again!

Starting in LA for MAX courtesy of the awesome Influxis crew, where I’m speaking at the FITC unconference. And I’m in good company; in an endevour that has become know as the EuroMaxInvasion, I’ll be there with Joa Ebert, Ralph Hauwert, Mario Klingemann, and Andre Michelle! In other words, the best Flashers in the world! How did I get in with that crowd?

Thanks to Scott Janousek for the photo!

Followed by a few days in San Francisco to see my friends at Odopod and check out the NoiseBridge hacker space.

Then off to FlashPitt; I’m really excited about this one. I met Val the organiser at FlashBelt, and she seems so cool, I just know that this will be a great conference.

My final destination is New York City for my one day Papervision3D workshop (only 4 spaces left!) and hanging out with Josh and my friends at BigSpaceShip and FlashCodersNewYork.

All in all, I’ll be gone for three weeks. Perhaps I’ll see you there? 🙂

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Quite the “jet-setter”! 😉

Hope to catch your session as I missed it at FOTB! … plus Joa, Ralph, and Andre’s!


BTW, for people that don’t get the image … it was totally off the cusp and in the spirit of some fun 80’s memories …. aka: The Final Countdown by the music group, “Europe” … and no, I don’t care what you say, they were *not* a metal group! 🙂


Look at all the hair! I’m jealous! 😉

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