Big and Small finalists in Adobe Max awards!

Did I mention it before? I think I mentioned it 🙂

Big and Small

I really do hate to ask, but if you like Big and Small, please take the time to vote for us in the Adobe Max awards.

3 replies on “Big and Small finalists in Adobe Max awards!”

Dewd, u be hax0red again.

Seriously though, I clicked on the voting link and got some dodge site opening too with a very annoying alert box that just wouldn’t go away. I tried spitting on it and everything… :]

dammit you gotta be joking! I honestly can’t find that anywhere… 🙁 I have no idea how to track this down. I’ve done a clean install of wordpress and it doesn’t seem to be tampered with so I can only think that it’s my theme that’s been hacked. I’ll rebuild from scratch 🙁

I’ve been through my site with a fine-tooth comb and I can’t find anything wrong. I can only hope that these dodgy links came from some dns caching from my old site… but I’m clutching at straws. If anyone still finds weird pop-ups please let me know!

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