Big and Small in .net magazine

Just in case you missed it, there’s a 3 page article in this month’s .net magazine all about how we made Big and Small.

How me made Big and Small in .net magazine.

I’m so pleased that we’re starting to get some recognition for this site : we’ve just earned our very first FWA Site of the day award, and we’re also a finalist in the Adobe MAX awards!

And we’ve just won another project for BBC, and we went to Pinewood studios yesterday to check out the set. This will also be an immersive Papervision3D project, but we’re not allowed to talk about it yet.

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It’s always worth hanvig a look at BYOB ( when thinking about using Scratch to teach programming. It’s compatible with Scratch but allows functiomal programming, defining your own blocks, defining procedures, functions, even control structures, e.g., if you want an [unless () do []] you can do it in BYOB. The developers are writing the next version in Javascript for use in HTML5 browsers. I hope RaspberryPi are going to include it rather than the basic Scratch. Berkeley use it to teach computer science to non-computer science students.

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