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Papervision3D training in New York City!

I’m really excited to be visiting New York again as part of my upcoming mini tour of the USA (encompassing MAX and FlashPitt). And with the help of my good friend Lisa Larson-Kelley, I’ve set up a day of Papervision … There’s more

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How we made it : iwillpayyourparkingticket

Here’s a video of my presentation from £5app a couple of weeks ago. £5 App #19 Seb and Jamie with I Will Pay Your Parking Ticket from IanProCastsCoUk on Vimeo. And I’m sorry about the weird camera angle! And Jamie … There’s more

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Font embedding WTF in Flash

I’m sorry if this is old news, but I was absolutely horrified to realise today that if you have to embed fonts in every single dynamic TextField on the stage, even if they are all using the same font! I … There’s more

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How to redesign your WordPress blog in 10 minutes

Step 1 Download one of the marvelous blank templates from Refuelled Step 2 Upload it to your WordPress themes folder and activate it. Step 3 Edit the CSS in Firefox to fiddle with the colours and size. Copy and paste … There’s more

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3D landscape in HTML5 canvas

You may have noticed that I’ve been playing with some technologies other than Flash recently, and you know what, I’ve been really enjoying it! So, just for fun, I thought I’d see if I could make a very simple 3D … There’s more

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Big and Small finalist in .net awards

We’re thrilled to see that Big and Small made it to the finals of the .net awards this year, especially when you see the amazing other finalists that also made it. And also Papervision has made it into the Open … There’s more

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I will, actually, pay your parking ticket!

Today I am launching the most ridiculous site I’ve ever made. It was inspired by something that happened at this year’s brilliant FlashBelt, where we all decided to get together and pay some poor guy’s parking ticket. [sorry, viddler … There’s more

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