Papervision3D training at Flash on the Beach

I’m very pleased to be running a Papervision workshop at Flash on the Beach this year! What better excuse to come to my home town and learn everything you need to know about getting up and running with Flash3D!?

I’ll also be showing you how to use FLARToolkit, RenderLayers, and loads more. I may even share a few little tips and tricks from the epic Big and Small project! Read a full description of the Papervision3D training course at Flash on the Beach.

And I look forward to welcoming you to Brighton!

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Hi Seb, is there any chance of getting a discount code? I’ve already bought my 3 days pass at the mega early bird price and would be great also attending your workshop but this is a tough time and my agency won’t give me a penny for the conference (fuck’em). Anyway… any help would be really appreciated 😀

Hi Seb,
I’ve just bought a ticket for your Papervision workshop. Really looking forward to it as this will be my first and also, I’m blown away by the fact I was actually able to get a ticket! Anyways, I was wondering if you could give a few more details as regards to what day it’ll actually be on, how many people will be in the class and also, what I’ll need to bring including what software I should have on my laptop (obviously Flash but will I need any 3D programs such as Blender etc for modelling?), maybe printouts of a few AR codes?

See you soon!

@Andrea, I’m sorry but this event is organised by Flash on the Beach. It’s probably worth emailing John and seeing if he can upgrade your ticket to include a workshop, but I have no idea whether you’ll save money or not!

@Dave great news! The workshop will be on the Sunday before, you can see the schedule here : // there are 28 spaces. We’ll send you more info about required software, but we’ll be mostly using FlexBuilder3. See you soon!

Hello Seb!
I would like to know if there is any way to get 2 tickets for PV3D workshop in the Flash on The Beach? Our company
decided too late to send us to the Event. And our work is closely related to PV3D. Is it possible?

Hi Michael,

I’m really sorry but the workshop is completely sold out! Mail me at sebleedelisle at gmail and I’ll put you on the training mailing list so you’ll hear about the next event we run.



Hi Seb,
Really looking forward to a PV3D workshop in France…
Would you come and visit us in 2010!


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