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New Adobe MAX controversy

It’s about that time of year where a few of us Flash speakers get together and have a good old whinge about Adobe’s speaker expense policy. In fact it’s become somewhat of an annual tradition.

But this year Adobe have ruined our fun by blatantly covering speakers full expenses including flights and hotel!

Seriously though I think this is a major improvement. It sometimes feels like I only complain about Adobe and so this is a good opportunity to prove that I can be positive about them sometimes! I think it’s pretty much down to the efforts of Ted Patrick who I’m fairly certain has been beavering away in the background trying to make this happen.

I have no doubt that it’ll encourage speakers who have exciting work to share with the community and it sends a good message out to speakers that Adobe appreciate their contribution to their conference.

Of course the irony is that they haven’t invited me to speak this year. I won’t hold it against them. 🙂

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I think we have spent enought time griping about the software takeover that most of us are looking at silverlight and wondering what happened to that old Townsend street clarity we used to have in San Francisco!

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