So close to my target – please sponsor my 10K run!

Yes! I’ve nearly reached my target – thank you SO MUCH everyone who has sponsored me so far. I very much appreciate your generosity and can assure you that your contribution is going to a great GREAT cause – Cancer Research UK.

BUT I’m not there yet – PLEASE sponsor me if you haven’t already!

Feeling prepared for my 10K run
Feeling prepared for my 10K run. And cyan (0x00ffff) always was my colour.

The run is tomorrow at 10am, and I have to admit to feel a little anxious about it! I’m not quite as prepared as I’d hoped I would be and I’m also feeling quite run down right now (having been working way too hard on our current project – see my previous post for a sneak peek on that one.

But! I promise you I will make it across that finish line one way or another 🙂

And if you haven’t already, please consider sponsoring me on my justgiving page.