Snowing screensaver – happy Christmas from Plug-in Media!

As a special Christmas gift, I’ve made a snowing screensaver for Plug-in Media to give away!

I’ve been working on edge detection in images, so now the snow settles on the surface of objects in any bitmap :

[kml_flashembed movie=”/wp-content/uploads/manual/2006/snowscreensaverexample.swf” width=”450″ height=”330″ FVERSION=”8″ SCALE=”noborder” fvars=”imagename=/wp-content/uploads/2006/12/snowpicture3.jpg” /]Photo – Jorg Mueller

So I thought it’d be fun to make a screensaver that makes the snow land on the windows and icons on your desktop:

Plug-in Media Snowing screensaver

I built it using Zinc, which I picked up at Flash on the Beach. It’s only a PC screensaver at the moment, but I should hopefully get a mac version working soon!

UPDATE : I’m having some serious problems with Zinc, and the screensaver is unreliable, so it’s been removed for the time being. I’m working with Zinc to fix the problem.

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I am so excited to see this when it is finished. I have been looking so long for a screesaver like this, but to no avail. I cant wait to see your finished product, and I hope it’s soon. Congradulations!

Just to say, I’m still checking in for updates on your Snowing screensaver. I hope all is going well, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

hehehe I’m sorry Randy, was kinda let down by the technology there. (Zinc). V v busy for a while but will look into this again nearer christmas 🙂



hi seb,

do you have the source for the snowing screensaver ? i am interested to learn how to create it.


I was just checking in to see if this might be available by Christmas. I have my fingers crossed. Have a great day!

Hello Seb,
I hope you are still excited about this project. Should I continue checking in for an update? This looks like a really nice screensaver, I hope you do have plans to complete it. Thank you.

hey randy,

I’ve just been in touch with MDM and I’m getting the latest version of zinc so will definitely be re-attempting this screensaver! So keep checking 🙂


Hello Seb,

Just checking in to see how your screensaver was comming along. It snowed here in Texas today, which is rare, and I thought about ya!


Hey Randy! You are tenacious huh? 🙂 I probably won’t look at this again until next christmas 🙂 I’ve certainly been snowed under (excuse the pun) for the last couple of months and have had no time to look at this.



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