FOTB Flash 3D source files

My Flash on the Beach session went really well, I had a great time and a good turnout despite the early hour (and it was the morning after the official FOTB party!)

As for the 3D Flash source files, I promised them so here they are!

FOTB06 – 3D in Flash source files
[Files no longer available, sorry!]

Send me your experiments and I’ll post them all up here!

(These files are provided under a creative commons share-alike agreement, full details are in the package)

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Hi there!!!…The flash thing with the different planes illustrating depth of the ocean and shore is amazing…how would u control the movement of it though????..Jus so that u dont zoom past the background image…Pls reply asap…Im really intrigued

Hey Seb! great code, I’ve had a lot of fun playing with it. I never used classes in this way (with the attachmovie embedded in it). Of course I only started coding on a higher level a month ago 🙂

I have been playing with your code and trying to attach an event (mouseDown) to each clip… trying to change the color or add text or something, but I can’t figure it out. When I attach a mouseDown to sprite.clip every mouseDown seems to hit all clips, not just the clicked one… any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Chickenpants!

Try using onPress instead – onMouseDown fires whenever you click the mouse no matter whether you’re over a movieclip or not.

Hope this helps.


Yup! I figured that one out a day after I messaged you. I’m use to Lingo… I was kicking myself once I realized 🙂 Thanks though Seb. You giving any lectures or any events in New York City?

🙂 It’s been a few years since I used Lingo!

I don’t have plans in New York, although myself and Dom are running a games workshop in the Boston Institute of Art in May. Are you part of FlashCodersNY? I’m friends with them, definitely worth going along to their meetings 🙂


No, I’m actually relatively new to Flash, but I’ve already done some cool stuff that has at least impressed me 🙂

I just found their site, thanks for the lead.

Hi Seb and all,

Are there source files for this FOTB session still around?

Im a bit late to the party but I came across this page regards source files from an old Flash on the Beach session but no files exist. Several of the examples are really inspiring particularly the panning 3d cut out image idea was fabtastic! I am a bit new to PV3D and struggling to replicate it for some self learning and possible projects.

If anyone knows where I could grab the source files that would make my day – a bit of a leg up into this area of 3d in flash

best regards
john leigh London UK

Hi John, I’ve had a quick look but can’t find these files anywhere! I have a hurriedly converted to AS3 version somewhere – I could dig that out but it’ll have to be later. Remind me if I forget.

Hi Seb

thanks so much for the feedback much appreciated – An AS3 version would be even more cool if you can find them! – I know you are a busy chap all over the place

best regards
john leigh, London

blast – i guess i can hold off for it – will still be a big help in my papervision adventure- very kind of you

best regards

hi Seb – judging from your website updates you are unfeasably busy – great stuff going on as usual – i recall your note about possibly digging out the AS3 versions of your FOTB 3D sample files – if thats possible that would be most cool but understand how tied up you are these days 🙂

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