PixelPyros :Interactive digital fireworks


PixelPyros is all about bringing fireworks closer to the audience, rather than lighting the touch paper and standing well back. This large scale projection with motion detection allowed you to create rockets simply by waving your hands around.

PixelPyros project page

Laser Light Synths

Laser Synth196

You get to be the in the band for the night with these easy to play LED light-studded musical instruments. As you play the Light Synths Lasers fire sparks up into the air. This large scale outdoor installation is perfect for festivals.

Laser Light Synths project page

Lunar Trails

Lunar Trails is an interactive installation, first commissioned by the Dublin Science Gallery for their GAME exhibition, running to January 18th 2013.

It features a full size arcade cabinet running the vintage 1979 game Lunar Lander. As you play the game, the path that you take is rendered on the wall with a large hanging drawing robot.

The trails build up to produce artworks that are solely created by the game players, and is a reflection of all their individual journeys to the surface of the moon.

Lunar Trails project page

Laser show for Smashing Conference

A spectacular laser light show to open the Smashing Conference in Oxford Town Hall featuring custom programmed laser control code and architecturally mapped 3D graphics.

Smashing Conference subsequently commissioned further laser shows for their NYC and LA events.

A collaboration with Val Head who produced the 2D on screen animations.


Recreating the old fashioned side show with an 80s arcade laser style and modern Nerf guns. Inspired by my Margate Games residency for the GEEK Festival.

Project documentation posts


PixelPhones turns each phone in the audience into a single pixel in a huge display. Running in the browser on iOS and Android, the phone’s use JavaScript to connect to a WebSocket server made with openFrameworks.

I’ll be continuing to work on this throughout 2012 and there’ll be a couple of very large scale tests. More info on the PixelPhones project page.

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