PixelPyros tour – I need your help!

[UPDATE 2] We have now confirmed our Arts Council funding and 9 dates in 5 cities! More details.

[UPDATE]I’ve been overwhelmed by interest today, and we’re currently talking to people all over the country! We only have 4 slots and it looks like we’ll have to start getting choosy. If you want us to consider you, please get in touch! Mail or tweet me at @seb_ly

Very exciting news this week is that we’re putting together a tour for PixelPyros in the Autumn this year and we’re even adding lasers! But I really need your help to do it.

We’re looking for UK city councils, events, and locations where you think our show will work. Perhaps there’s a “White Night” type event where you live? Perhaps you know the council like to promote cool outdoor events in your city? Or maybe you run a tech conference that would like something a bit different for your after party?

Even if you don’t, perhaps you could help spread the word with a tweet or social media update of your choice? I’d be very grateful! Ideally we’re looking at dates between September and November but there is obviously some flexibility there.

We’re applying for Arts Council funding which will hugely subsidise the events, but of course we’ll need to bring in some money from the organisers too. So if you’d like us to bring PixelPyros to you, please get in touch at or tweet me.

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