Fronteers conference files

Picture by Wilfred Nas Just a small post to say thanks for such a warm welcome in Amsterdam and here are the files on github. Enjoy!


CreativeJS coming to Manchester and Leeds

I was recently the target of a twitter campaign to get me to bring my CreativeJS workshops to Leeds and Manchester. So many people expressed their interest and who am I to refuse them? So I’m delighted to announce that I’ve set up venues and dates – tickets go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday 4th October) […]

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Happy 5th birthday, blog

It’s been 5 years to the very day since my very first post, and I must admit, it seems like a very long time ago. Now I want to hear from you – my dear readers. But first, please indulge me this short retrospective. A picture from FlashForward 2006. Yes, that’s how good mobile phone […]