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Learn AIR for Android

If you’re thinking about getting started with AIR for Android, why not join us at our dotBrighton meeting on Wednesday? David Arno will be telling us all how to get started. Bad news! There aren’t any real-life tickets left! Good … There’s more

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dotBrighton openFrameworks night – video

… is now online, and has a special surprise guest appearance from Grant Skinner! (Which he further expanded upon in a blog post) openFrameworks night part 3 of 3 from dotBrighton on Vimeo. James has also very kindly made the … There’s more

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Mystery Papervision3D book?

I’m frequently asked about when my “Experience Papervision3D” book is coming out. Well the truth is, there is no Papervision3D book and there never was! I was in talks with Apress on behalf of the entire team and we were … There’s more

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openFrameworks for Flashers

Continuing on my personal quest to encourage you to learn everything, we’re putting on a dotBrighton meeting all about openFrameworks. made with openFrameworks from openFrameworks on Vimeo. openFrameworks is an open source creative coding library, here’s the description from the … There’s more

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Flash will eat itself?

While Flash (the tool) can only target Flash (the platform), isn’t that limiting its efficacy? Don’t we need vector animations in other platforms and apps? There’s more

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Overwhelmed by positivity from FOTB

Flash on the Beach was amazing this year. I really feel like John is getting the formula right – there were many more creative sessions this year, and the Dome bar was kept open after the inspire sessions. This was … There’s more

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