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Remember when I disappeared mysteriously to LA for a week in February? I can now reveal that I was in Ventura, CA recording a 4 hour long tutorial series for that has just gone live!

It was such a great experience, the team at Lynda are so professional and they have many recording booths with the best gear. I think there were 6 courses being recorded while I was there so it’s quite a production! And they have teams of editors cutting out all the gaps, and fixing my mistakes (thanks guys πŸ™‚ )

So come learn about importing 3D models, particles, interactivity, ViewportLayers, and much, much more. I’d love to hear your feedback and find out how you get along so let me know!

Papervision3D Essential Training on

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HELP! I just enrolled in for the primary purpose of learning Papervision3D. I do NOT have Flash Builder 4, I only have Flash CS4 Pro and would like to follow along and learn about Papervision3D. How can I adapt your training videos for use in Flash CS4 Pro? I am unable to afford the CS5 or Flash Builder 4 programs, so I need to use the tools I have.


Hi Lyndon! Hmmm tricky. It would be possible to do – Make a new FLA, point it at each exercise as file as its document class. Set up the publish settings to point at the PV classes. But it’s fiddly.

And I would always, ALWAYS recommend using a code editor like FlashBuilder, FDT or FlashDevelop when using these code libraries.

And you can get a free trial of FB4 – good luck!


Hi Seb
I love the series. You have a knack for keeping things simple (even if its not).
I was particularly appreciative of the coverage of viewportLayers chapter as that can be challenging. It supplements/expands on the information on the same subject in the Essentials book.

Hi Seb,

Thanks for the cool tutorials but I’m having a problem with the projects files. I changed the work space inside Flash Builder 4 but when I try to open a Project there is an error massage appears and says that the .project file is missing.

Please advice.


Hi Seb,

Yes i did. and i can see the projects folders inside the package explorer view inside flash builder 4 but when i try to open a project for example the HelloWorld project the following error occurs

“The project description file (.project) for ‘2_HelloWorld’ is missing. This file contains important information about the project. The project will not function properly until this file is restored.”


I am having the same problem as Amer Dababneh. The error comes β€œThe project description file (.project) .. is missing”
Please Help!!

Hello Seb.

I have the same problem as Ali.

I look on lynda but the only file I found was the free one, and it has the same problem as the others.
I create a new flex project in the same folder with the same name and it make the folder a project folder, but when you run it, flash builder open a blank safari web page and then another error.

Please HELP!!

Hi Yulian,

You only get the full exercise files if you’re a full member at Otherwise you’ll only get the files for the AR project, but clearly there’s a problem there so I’ll review and see if they can fix it later today. Sorry for the inconvenience!


very much enjoyed the series Seb, I thought you did a great job covering what’s possible/applicable in an easy to follow format and your presentation experience definitely shows through in the voice-over.

man, could I have used this series when I started wading into PV3D. Even a short couple years ago it was difficult to round up sufficient teaching resources.

But with the PV3D Essentials book and structured video series like this, PV3D becoming more accessible – which is a good thing for everyone πŸ™‚

Hello Seb.

Congratulations for the Papervision3D training, it’s excellent, I learn a lot in this couple days.
I have a question, is possible to export an animation from maya as an .dae file and make the same process as in the videos?


Hi Yulian,

it is possible yes, but it took us a while to get it to work. If I remember correctly PV3D only picks up keyframes and doesn’t tween between them. Also I believe you need to bake in the animations. This is all from memory, so allow plenty of time for trial and error!



Hey Seb,

i’ve been watching the tutorials from dvd but have the same problem as some of the others here, can’t open the files from fb im getting the “no projects are found to import” error, and since im not actually a premium member of lynda, are u able to share the exercise files or is it forbidden by

Hi Seb,
I have this problem too( can’t open the exercise file β€œno projects are found to import “), any suggestion to solve this problem?

I am happy promo member of lynda dot com and found this training totally awesome. Unfortunately have issues with performance, looking to your movies your scenes are rendering far faster that my 4×3.2GHz Phenom2 64bit Win7 i.e. in the pingpong 3d game, where for the sphere used with segmentsW = 20 and segmentsH =17 my game starts to jam. Is there some trick with performance in flash movies on your side?
Thanks anyway:)

Hi Pawel, that’s very strange I can’t imagine why your computer wouldn’t be able to handle that! When it comes to optimisation, it’s all about triangles. Reduce them! And also avoid shaders. Try putting a BitmapMaterial on the sphere rather than a shaded one.


hi there i really enjoyed u video tutorials and im trying to start developing my own projects, but when i try to create a new action script file like the ones u have in ur videos the icon of the file appears differently (black, rather the with the green triangle and the blue circl over the icon) really hope u get what i mean.

so i try to run the action script file and it Flash builder tells me that “this file cannot be launched”, pls tell me what im doing wrong if u can cos ive hit a brick wall over her

Hi Seb,

First of all bravo! for the PV3D training course. I simply <3 it. I got the full training package and have just one BIG problem. πŸ™

In the making of the Carousel chapter I get this error of OBJECT_OVER, OBJECT_OUT events not firing when my mouse is stationary over the thumbs and when they are rotating underneath. I did some searching and did not come across any good solution.

I compared my code with your code over and over and couldn't find a difference. I ran your compiled .SWF and it works just fine as it's suppose to but mine doesn't. Also I took your source and complied it and then again the issue is there. Where exactly things go wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Hello once again.
I have the same issue as Janitha. I need to move mouse firmly over the squares to find them rotating, it is weird because the event is fired i would say randomly but only if my mouse pointer is moving over the square. If mouse pointer is staying at the same x and y, and only carousel is rotating around there is no event fired at all even the square is passing the pointer. So i need to move cursor upside down, then back few timse on short period of time over the square that I need to be rotated to get the event fired. Actually i abandon the course after this as i could not figure out what is wrong(rewrited all the script). Now i saw that Janitha says the same, so I am not alone. So i just went to the google to download latest PV3D which is 21932 version and made a library flex project from it. After linking it to the carousel project and running no any change appeared, still hard to get the event fired.
:/ So, even though the only think that could be wrong is still library version which causes problems. But i really have the latest one, and really project works on this PV3D(21932) library…Sad:/
Have you got any idea about that?
Regards Pawel

Hi Pawel,

if you download the files from you’ll have the very latest version of the PV3D code. Like I said to Janitha, don’t just download the latest zip from googlecode, you must get the very latest PV code either from the SVN server (full details here // ) or with the project files you download from Lynda.

Also, I shouldn’t really provide support here, so please contact Lynda support from now on.


Thanks for your interest. (un)Fortunately after downloading last PV3D library from SVN as you mentioned i still did not get any results. That was little frustrating, but after delving little to the code i understood that there’s is little bug in the code. In public function over (when actually we gets a cursor over the plane) we set targetPitch to 180 but we do not change resetCounter property to start flipping the plane. In result resetCounter is still -1 and nothing happens. I just set public function out() to be empty and moved resetCounter=100 property to over() function, and then all works property. Hmm, simple one i should hit on it earlier.
Put the code here, if someone is getting this trouble:
public function overMe() :void
this.material.fillColor = 0xffffff;
this.targetPitch = 180;
resetCounter = 100;

public function outMe() : void
Thank you Seb once again for the most precious training on Lynda πŸ˜‰
Regards Pawel

“Like I said to Janitha, don’t just download the latest zip from googlecode”

Sorry I could not give an updated with the issue I had. It works just fine after I downloaded the latest code from SVN. In fact all the libraries I need now, I get from SVN if possible. I just never knew about SVN till Seb told me, so thanks again man.

Great course thank you!

Only issue I’m having is setting up the free AR exercise files.
The swcs seem to be missing and even though I put them in the as files won’t run. In one instance they launched the Flash IDE!?!?!

I enjoyed the earlier videos and copied the code from the screen where I needed to but I can’t get going with the AR files.


Got it working, had to rebuild the whole project in FB but all good now.
Can play & learn.

Thanks again!

Please sir
i have a problem when trying to switch workspace
this message appears::
the current workspace was crated by a previous version of Flash Builder…
and then i have a massage for each project that says ::
The project description file (.project) is missing.
I’m using Flash Builder premium 4.6
PLZ Help Me

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