NYC Flash games training – $50 off SALE!

It’s on Thursday! And I’ve only got 4 tickets left! So I’m putting them on sale! YAY! Get your $50 discount by clicking here :


And using the discount code “SALE”.

Unsure about whether this training is any good? Here’s what other people have said about it :

“The course was awesome, it was fun and informative. I found the actual code easy enough to understand and all the explanations were in simple plain terms and I left feeling like I learned a lot. Thank you!”

“Seb is a great teacher and somehow has the ablility to make complex concepts seemingly simple and easy to understand. The course is presented in a sociable and relaxed manner and covers a range of classic arcade game examples.”

“I really enjoyed it, the best bit being that it reinvigorated my initial interest in Flash as a platform – it’s great fun.”

Think I cherry-picked the best ones? Then read the FULL and unedited feedback here!

And I’ll see you on Thursday!