Flashbelt may just change your life…

I’ve just come back from weeks of travelling, through Amsterdam, San Francisco, Cologne, LA, Stuttgart, New York, Boston, and Cape Cod.

And I’m barely back in the UK for a couple of weeks before going back to the US for FlashBelt in Minneapolis. And I can’t wait! This’ll be my fourth FlashBelt (I think?) and it could just change your life! Yes I know it sounds dramatic, but the truth is that last year, it inspired me to make some huge changes to my professional life, and I’ve benefited massively from it.

FlashBelt is just as big in scope as the large conferences like Flash on the Beach and FITC Toronto, it has 3 tracks, 3 days (plus 1 workshop day) and has all of the top speakers. Except that as there are only 400 or so attendees, it’s really welcoming and inclusive.

Our excellent host Dave Schroeder creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, and all the speakers and deligates happily mingle and share. It’s a genuine community event and Dave is offering a student discount and even a 75% discount to anyone adversely affected by the economic downturn. Get on over and buy yourself a ticket – they may well sell out.

Oh and I think there are still a couple of tickets left for my Flash Games programming workshop!

I’ll then be straight on to D2W – a designer developer workflow conference in Kansas. Every company I’ve ever worked with has massive problems integrating design and development, so it seems like a conference about this could be hugely beneficial.

So come along and find out how we’ve solved many of the problems to create a pretty smooth collaboration between artists and coders at Plug-in.

Later in the year : FITC San Francisco, Flash on the Beach, FlashPitt, Full Frontal, FlashCamps in Birmingham and Manchester

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Wow, Seb, thank you so much for telling me about this.
It’s amazing, I feel energized to code, it’s so hard to get the feel of it in a post. First, there’s about 8 books I bough and 2 dozen bloggers I follow, all here, but w/ lost of new ideas.
THen… this guys is here:
w/ flash + 10 x more, including light measuring camera so no need for green screen.

I want to code all night long.

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