Making a multi-track recorder in Flash

Toy recorderOriginal Photo : PhotoCapy

I’ve been playing with the Flash microphone input to record and playback multiple tracks. I thought it’d be really easy, but sadly it’s been really really tricky. The main problem is to do with knowing exactly when data from the microphone was recorded, particularly relative to when some audio was played!

I could write a lengthy blog post about it, but instead, I’ll just be presenting my findings, along with source code, at FlashBrighton tonight. If you’re not in Brighton you can watch at Sorry for the short notice, I’m covering for someone who had to pull out at the last minute.

It should be recorded but I’m not sure how quickly we’ll be able to post it so I’d recommend you watch it live if you can. It starts at 7.15pm GMT.

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Hi Mamzelle, I’m sorry but the recording will be identical to the streaming. We’ve been having some problems with FMLE lately that we’re working hard to fix so hopefully it will be improved in the future.

And I’m just about to write a post with all the code in it 🙂


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