Can’t spell my name? Use

I often get complaints about my domain name. Is it that hard to spell my surname? I guess it’s a bit of a strange one.

People seem to think that my first name is Seb-Lee but it’s not; Seb is my first name and Lee-Delisle is my surname.

But seeing as people seem to call me Seb-Lee (and close friends even sometimes call me Sebly), I’ve now registered the domain and it’s set up to point here! It’s a full redirection service, so think of it as a short URL. 🙂

And hopefully that’ll help with the typing…

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It’s $10 a year for .com and other domains, but .ly is from Libya and there are only a few places that you can get them. I for one am glad that it’s so expensive – otherwise I’d very much doubt whether I could get a top level seb domain from there! And it’s a lot cheaper than (currently available from a reseller for $4500!).

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