Vote for a locally running Flash Player settings panel

[UPDATE] in the latest incubator release of the FlashPlayer 11,0,0,60 there is now a native FlashPlayer settings panel! YAY 😀

The issue reported in my last post is now fixed so well done Adobe for moving so quickly!

There were a lot of commenters who felt that this system is fairly unwieldy and perhaps the settings should run locally. I checked out Jira and there are actually 2 feature requests there already, the first being submitted by Linda Walsh just over a year ago, but sadly with no votes!

// Let’s all go and vote for it shall we? 🙂

There were also several interesting comments with more workarounds, the most comprehensive one from Nate Chatellier who explains exactly how it works and what to do about it – thanks Nate, and everyone else that commented.

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Didn’t I see this mentioned at the Town Hall session at FOTB? Can’t remember for sure but I’m pretty sure this one’s in the works.


I’ve voted, thanks for digging this out. I might be wrong but I think Silverlight (cough, spit!) has exactly what we’re asking for. C’mon Adobe, don’t let M$ steal a lead in usability!

Yes, I vote for local running flash player.
Many times, it’s really painful to tell about flash player settings to others.
If internet is not available, then the work cann’t be appreciated.

There are many other things that are half baked with Flash Player.. for instance the fact that it’s not allowed to use all the keyboard keys when flash player is running on fullscreen mode. It’s a real pity since the user experience of being able to use a web application in full screen it’s great. Web Enterprise applications could take a huge advantage of such a capability however Adobe looks to other side. Also the flashplayer should remain in full screen when the file selection prompt opens.

heres a request for this that also is getting old and not being solved.


Vote for it!

Let’s hope so. In fact there are a lot of feature requests on Jira that I think would be really good. I just haven’t had time to go through them all. I feel a campaign blog post coming on…

Hi Seb,
I wonder if you would like to create a blog post about this keyboard issue and maybe other things you think would be worthy and encourage people to vote for them. I have seen it did work for FP-783, at least they say they are now investigating it. 😀
my best regards.

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