How to change @author in your ASDocs

For OSX at least…

Step 1
Navigate to /Applications/Flex Builder 3/

Right click on the app, Flex Builder and select explore package contents. A new finder window should pop up with a folder called “Contents”

Step 3
Open the file Contents/MacOS/FlexBuilder.ini with a text editor of your choice.

Step 4
Add the following line : Lee-Delisle

Except obviously you’ll probably want to use your own name 🙂

Step 5
Save the file and restart Flex Builder. Now your automatically generated comments will contain your full name after @author!

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Thanks for the tip! If you’re using the Flex Builder plugin for Eclipse:

1. Navigate to /Applications/eclipse (or wherever your Eclipse was installed
2. Right-click on and select package contents
3. Open Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini
4. Add the line: Doe


Surprisingly enough, not everyone uses OSX 😉 So for you windows users its:
C:Program FilesAdobeFlex Builder 3FlexBuilder.ini and/or C:eclipseeclipse.ini

For anyone with FDT, it’s very simple and works on Mac or Windows:

Eclipse Preferences > FDT > Code Style > Code Templates (Misc)> Override System Username.

Just a quick note, if you decide to put your entry in eclipse.ini make sure it follows after any -vargs statements you have i.e:

-Xmx512m Hayes

Otherwise it won’t work.

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